The Agfeo LM509 is an expansion card for Agfeo PBX. It gives networking functions to the ordinary telephony like sip and a webfrontend for configuration.

But sometimes these functions are not working and furthermore a reboot doesn’t help to recover. So I tried to figure out how to handle this and finally i recognised that the card is a simple openwrt running router like controller.

I could connect to the device over ssh and analyse the log files and start/stop services like pbx and webserver.

If you having problems with these modules from Agfeo and you are familiar to unix/linux you can simply connect over ssh and have a deeper look at your problems.

I had a problem with the service called TKSuite-Server. Everything else was working… After a short analyses … the solution was very simple.

In Linux/Unix there is a directory called „run“ and is mostly located at „/var/run“. This directory has files containing the process id (PID) of any running service. If the service crashes for any reason, it could happen that the PID-file still exists. If you manually (or automatically after a reboot) try to start the specific service it fails, because there is already a PID-file. To resolve the problem just remove this file named after the service which fails and try to restart.

Greetings to Agfeo and many thanks that you picked openWRT. It makes it really easy for me to debug the card.



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